Olivia Smith

Olivia Smith

Yoga Instructor, Yoga Sculpt


Health & Wellness Coach in Training

About Coach

I’ve been boxing since I moved to Iowa City in 2018. I found IB and his gym and fell in love with moving my body in this new way. My passion for yoga has come from practicing with Stephanie in her HIIT yoga and taking classes at other studios. I completed my Yoga Sculpt certification at Hot House in 2022.

Turning Point

I have struggled with my self-confidence since I was in high school. VIBE has made me feel comfortable in my body, confident in my performance, and has allowed me to find my voice in front of others.

Motivation & Passion

I teach because I want others to find the self-love and confidence I have found from VIBE; to let it all go after a long day, where no one places judgment.

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