Kerry Fisher

Kerry Fisher

Boxing & Kickboxing Coach


Highly motivational coach

About Coach

Growing up I participated in all team sports (softball, track, basketball, & volleyball) until high school when the dance team became my spot. I was elected captain of the dance team in both my junior & senior years. Team sports have always pushed me to a different level than working out on my own and are probably one of the reasons why I fell in love with boxing classes. I’ve done some form of boxing since 2007. After a knee injury and surgery, I needed to find another type of exercise. I wanted to find something that I enjoyed and also that pushed me. It started out as a hobby for me in 2007, and I began coaching in 2014. I’ve been coaching part-time since 2014 with a couple of small breaks after having my children. Boxing has allowed me to do what I love and to share my passion with others. I also know the struggle behind trying to juggle a chaotic life with kids and workouts.

Turning Point

When I moved back to Iowa, I was going through some challenging times, my mother was ill, and I had quit my job to move back to Iowa to be closer to family. Boxing in a sense saved me. It allowed me to channel all that built-up negative energy into something positive for my mind and body. The gym I started coaching at also became my second home. When I wasn’t at my full-time job, I was at the gym coaching or training myself. The members there was essentially family, and so important in my journey at that time.

Motivation & Passion

I strive to make everyone feel welcome and at ease whether they’re a newbie or they’ve boxed for multiple years. Having an environment in my classes where everyone belongs and I get to know them as a person is truly important to me. You’re not just another face or name in my class. I strive to motivate members through a high-energy class to work hard and be their best - to reach their maximum potential. In my classes, I will make goofy comments, you will probably laugh (at or with me), and you might sing or even dance (as having fun together is encouraged too). Don’t get me wrong though - you’ll still work hard in my class. It is important not only for me to see members succeed by reaching their goals but it is important to be that place someone looks forward to coming to each day. After all, we never know what anyone else is going through. I always tell my classes to never compare themselves. Everyone’s journey is different, and that’s okay.

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